Boys’ volleyball sets up for victory

The NPHS boys’ volleyball team spends numerous days in their week working and pushing themselves to perform their best during games. With more league games coming up, the team is extremely motivated to show their skills on the court and they hope to continue with their success and eventually get to the CIF tournament.

As the team either has practice or a game every day, players like Cade Higham, senior and middle blocker, are able to keep up their skills and improve as the season goes on. “My favorite thing is always scrimmaging with our own teams. It helps us to figure out our rotations and helps us know where to block, where to hit, and it just helps us get smarter in the game,” Higham said.

Even with strong talent and dedication among players, any team still needs strong leadership to lead and guide them through the season. NPHS boys’ volleyball head coach Jorge Ostrovsky is dedicated to making sure his players get the best opportunities that they can. “I enjoy coaching at NPHS mainly because of the quality of student athletes that participate in the program. I’ve been lucky to not only have great volleyball players in the program but great young men,” Ostrovsky said.

Through practice, the team is able to get stronger and players become more apt to working together in a cohesive manner. Ethan Miller, senior and outside hitter, enjoys supporting his team and playing alongside others so that he can contribute in the most positive way possible. “We have a good team dynamic, we’re all encouraging each other to play our best so we can do well as a team and win,” Miller said.

With the team’s mindset of trying to be the best they can be, it is important that all players are driven towards a common goal. “Our goal is always to win the Marmonte league and improve as individuals and as a team. Every year is a new challenge not only for me but also for my players,” Ostrovsky said.

The relationship among teammates is important for all players, and directly contributes to how a game goes and what the outcome will be. “Having that connection is really important especially with setters and your hitter, also having a good back row defense and being able to support each other really just makes or breaks a team,” Higham said.