Dancers explore the unknown

With maps plastered on the windows of the Performing Arts Center and portraits of the stars projected on the walls, the annual spring dance concert transported dancers and the audience to a place never seen before: Into the Unknown.

As senior Samantha Parker explains, this dance concert was different from previous ones because of their unique theme, a choice that meant a lot to the seniors on dance team.

“Our senior video (was) based off of a location; we went to Red Rock Canyon… We had bonding time together and really were able to connect and communicate with one another… (This dance concert) means a lot, especially since we are all close,” Samantha said.

Many dances featured a different picture from the location and some dances focused on a different aspect of the “unknown.” For Samantha, the senior dance, while emotional, was an outlet for her to enjoy her last dance on the team and prepare for the next chapter of her life.

“It’s happy… but at the same time, when you think about actually dancing one last time with them it gets pretty emotional and sad. But, overall you just have to picture dancing with each other and feed off each other’s energy. And know that you are going to be back, and it is not over,” Samantha said.

Catie Parker, junior, explains that one of her favorite dances from the show also featured the graduating seniors, and it was an emotional dance for her too.

“‘Perth,’ by our coach, Miss Addie, (is) a contemporary lyrical dance, meaning it’s sadder than most of our other dances. Doing it at concert, I cried because I was gonna miss the seniors so much,” Catie said. “I think that’s one of the greatest parts of concert, we really get to reminisce as we dance and it brings out a lot of emotions in us.”

The dance concert also featured the beginning and intermediate dance classes, and for Raj Wei, freshman in beginning dance, the concert was a culminating moment of all of their hard work.

“Just dancing in front of the audience, they’re cheering for you, it is just the best feeling,” Wei said.