Find the drive to get your license

Procrastination isn’t an action; it is a lifestyle. Students with heavy schedules find any excuse imaginable to put off an assignment or project, and in a time where convenience reigns king, putting off your driving test is crippling. In fact, any step in this process should be a huge priority since having a license saves a lot of time and energy-two assets that are often in short supply for busy students. But that is no excuse. Get your license.

Earlier this year I fell into the debilitating trap of putting off my license test, and I paid dearly for it. I got my driving permit after multiple lengthy and taxing trips to the DMV during which my dad was missing the one document he needed to finally verify my permit. This happened three times, and each visit provided us with a new list of documents to be denied the next time we went. Once we finally got the documents we needed, I got my permit.

This is when all my IB classes got into full swing and occupied me with articles to annotate, math homework to do and crash course videos to watch. I put my license on the backburner, thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal. I was wrong.

I could not do anything. I passed up tons of opportunities to spend time with others due to scheduling conflicts with my parents, and I only felt guilty when they had to take 40 minutes out of their day to drive me from Camarillo to Newbury Park. With more social functions came ever-present anxieties over who would drive me that often nudged me in the direction of just staying home.

A full year passed and my permit expired. This meant I had to go to the DMV three more times to renew my permit, and my dad had to again endure multiple lists of required documents. With AP and IB testing occupying my attention over the past couple weeks, I still haven’t taken my driving test. I am pretty anxious to take it and get it over with, but now I’m thinking of the final exams I need to study for and all the assignments I have to make up for the full week of school I missed due to testing. Even so, the license should’ve been my top priority. Don’t do what I did; get your license as soon as possible, or risk wasting time sitting around for your parents to pick you up and developing the deep rooted guilt I have when I think about who I’ll burden next.


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