Fortnite appears promising

If you are a gamer, you are probably familiar with Fortnite, the most recent and one of the most popular free to play games.. Fortnite is a co-op sandbox survival game that hit the Epicgames launcher on July 25, 2017, but only recently became popular because of it being a cheaper alternative to its formerly more popular counterpart Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Some players may call it a “knock off” of PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds), , but Fornite just does some things better than the original. The game can be installed via the Epicgames launcher, while PUBG is downloaded off of steam. Unlike PUBG which is priced at 60 dollars, Fornite is free on initial download. Unfortunately, the game requires players to fork over real life money for cosmetic items rather than earn them via achievements or play time. This kind of thing is something players often refer to as a “pay to play” system. However, cosmetics are optional, so this term doesn’t really apply to the game contrary to what players say. But PUBG, and its studio, Bluehole Studio Inc. is also guilty of in game micro taxes, accept it affects the game on a level that goes past just cosmetics.

While on note of the developers, the relationship between the player, and the game developer is an important factor for gamers, as most players don’t want to play a game with developers that neglect the players concerns. When putting Fortnite Epic Games against Player Unknown Battlegrounds Bluehole Studios, epicgames has a better reputation among the player bases by a long shot. Epicgames handles issues incredibly responsibly. If players notice a bug, or balance issues, it usually gets patched with in a week. With Bluehole Studios, however, issues from launch remain unaddressed.

Upon launch Fortnite’s interface and graphics were visually appealing, but very cartoony compared to PUBG’s realistic style, which in the end, this was better for the game, because it appealed to a younger crowd audience.

As for the gameplay itself, Fortnite is almost identical to PUBG. On initial spawn, players are put on an airship with a team of three other players. They are allowed to decide where to drop on the map, and must try to survive the other players out to kill you and your team. However, Fornite has a goofy building mechanic that allows players to build walls, stairs, and platforms to cover from gunfire, confuse the enemy, or get a sneaky angle.

In the end, both games are popular for a reason, however, from graphics, to gameplay, to price, Fortnite utterly trumps PUBG. When choosing a game, you must consider what you’re looking for. Are you more competitive? Do you prefer realistic graphics? Do you enjoy camping in corners? Then PUBG is for you. But most players are not willing to fork over the money that PUBG requires, making Fortnite the better choice. Regardless of if you’re a pubg fan, or if you are looking for a new game, Fortnite is certainly worth trying.

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