Get to know the humans of NPHS

The campus here at NPHS is saturated with tons of diverse identities and cultures. Although many different people make up the student body, with so many people walking from class to class, it can be a difficult task to assign a name and identity to all the faces passing by. Read on to get to know some of your peers at NPHS.







Monica Reverente, senior

Q. What has been your favorite class to take?

A. I have two. Biology with Mr. Erikson was one of them because my best friends were in that class with me. Mr. Erikson made the class very engaging and I always looked forward to going. The other was 10th grade English with Mr. Lion. Although I only had him for a brief period, he made me feel seen, and like everyone’s thoughts mattered.

Gabi Prusinski, sophomore

Q. What is the most valuable life lesson you have learned thus far?
A. The most valuable life lesson I have learned so far is that being nice is so so important. I’m passionate about staying positive no matter what, because it makes every situation better.

Mika Silander, sophomore

Q. What motivates you to work hard?
A. What motivates me to work hard is the thought of what I am working for. I feel as though I become the most motivated when setting goals, for I feel that completing a goal is an accomplishment and makes the journey more exciting.

Sophia Di Stefano, junior

Q. What is something you wish someone would’ve told you before you started freshman year?
A. You’re going to go through a lot of growth. I mean, you can’t really tell someone this, but it’s important to accept that your friend group will change and your relationships will change and and to constantly be open to those new connections. That would’ve been nice because that was a shock having the dynamic shift and everyone kind of finding their own thing that they want to do.

Catherine Gennette, senior

Q. What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from your time at NPHS?
A. Time doesn’t slow down, so it’s best not to take what we have for granted. During freshman orientation I should have listened better when the student volunteers said that these next four years will fly by.