High schools are set to reopen on March 8

After almost a year of remote learning, high school students are returning back to campus after CVUSD received a waiver from the California Department of Public Health to reopen high schools.

The high schools will begin in-person instruction on March 8 for blended students. The cohort system will still be in effect, meaning that a fraction of the student population will be on campus at once. The first two weeks will also only have two days in person: Monday and Thursday on the week of March 8 and Tuesday and Friday on the week of March 15, while the rest will be remote. Starting the week of March 22, there will be four days of in-person instruction for blended students and Wednesday will be a remote day for all students. There will be no more than 700 students on campus at once, which makes it easier to enforce social-distancing guidelines and mask-wearing. Temperature checks for each student arriving on campus will also be held at the gates.

Many students are looking forward to stepping back into the classrooms, especially Zoey Blair, freshman. “I am pleased to be going back because I’ll get to leave my room to do homework and I am excited about seeing people again,” Blair said.

While students are excited, they are also anticipating how much in-person instruction has changed from the last school year. Kayla Robinson, freshman, shares this concern. “I’m scared of how different the dynamic will be from last year, and to see what has changed,” Robinson said.

Despite this, Lauren Markus, senior, feels excited at the announcement and believes that in-person instruction will be beneficial for her education. “I’m looking forward to seeing people face to face and being able to talk with my friends in between classes. I also think that is a lot easier while in person because it’s easier to stay focused, and it’s easier to engage with the teacher and ask questions,” Markus said.