Inauguration draws both criticism and praise as presidency ushers in new conservative era

Millions of Americans watched with bated breath as the nation inaugurated our 45th president, Donald Trump, on Jan. 20, 2017 and said goodbye to the longstanding political era of Obama. Trump’s campaign was built on a platform of change in the political order of our country, and the one thing every American, regardless of political beliefs, can agree on is that a Trump presidency will bring massive shift in the country’s direction.

Few political candidates, and definitely no president, has been the object of such unadulterated disapproval and scrutiny. His comments about women, Muslims, and people with disabilities, have sparked the angst of many Americans who view this country as one of progress and acceptance.

Veronica Seixas, sophomore, feels very anxious about the upcoming presidency. “It’s scary knowing that our country’s president doesn’t believe that everybody is equal and he could reverse so much of the progress that has been made,” she said.

Seixas found that his remarks in his inaugural address directed towards other politicians were particularly startling. She notes his comments about politicians prospering at the expense of the general population.

“(Trump’s comments directed at politicians) upset me because he was completely ignoring all the progress we have made and all the work different people have put forth during the years,” Seixas continued.

A group of over 60 prominent Democrat congressional representatives from California did not attend Trump’s inauguration, expressing to Los Angeles Times on Jan. 18 that their decision to boycott the inauguration stems from the offensive comments made by Trump directed at their constituents. Many of these representatives feel that it is their duty to honor the wishes and beliefs of the majority Democratic state. Julia Brownley, congresswoman of California’s 26th district including the Newbury Park area, is not amongst these representatives, explaining in a statement posted to Twitter on Jan. 19 that “I believe the peaceful transition of power and solemn duty of the Office of the President are the hallmarks of our democracy….It is out of respect for our government institutions and traditions that I will attend the inauguration.”

However, she also stated her intention to attend the Women’s March the next day in order to “protest against the President-elect, his message of division, and his repeated denigration of so many Americans.”

On the other hand, many Americans had a vastly different and supportive outlook on the inauguration, including Derek Henry, junior. Henry was a supporter of Trump during the 2016 campaign season and is eager to see what he will do in his presidency. He believes that Trump is “really going to impress people with what he is going to do in the next four years.” Henry believes that the media’s impression of Trump will now become more positive as he makes executive decisions regarding the security of America’s borders and the creation of jobs.

Henry was very impressed with the inauguration itself, which he called an “interesting, but overwhelming experience.” When asked about the speech, Henry offers nothing but praise for the new president. “I think that the fact that he was able to speak to his base and still try and unite at the same time (was the most effective part of his speech),” he said, referencing Trump’s inaugural address where he refers to Americans as “red-blooded patriots” who all “see the same sun.”

In the first week of presidency, Trump has signed a multitude of executive orders that include easing the implementation of Obamacare, initializing plans for a wall along the Mexican border, and defunding sanctuary cities that do not cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Additionally, he has withdrawn from the Trans Pacific Partnership and allowed the construction of Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone XL. With so much occurring in just the first week of presidency, it is probably an indication of  the administrative changes we will see in the future.

Overall, Trump’s inauguration has brought on an onslaught of both naysayers and well wishers. His supporters and opposers alike hope that this presidency will bring good things for the ordinary American citizens.