Trump wins New Hampshire primary election in 2024

On the morning of Jan. 24, primary election results broke out for New Hampshire, with former President Donald Trump securing the republican primary with 54% of the vote. President Joe Biden won the democratic write-in vote by 63%, however Trump won New Hampshire with over 176,000 votes.

Less than a week prior to the results, Trump held a MAGA rally in Atkinson, New Hampshire. During the rally, Trump directly addressed one of his opponents, former South Carolina Gov. and United Nations Ambassador, Nikki Haley, claiming that a vote for her would be a vote for President Biden in an attempt to sway unaffiliated voters. The rally ended with large uproars in support of Trump.

Key highlights of Trump’s campaign thus far include a strong emphasis on investment in the nation’s police, as well as a controversial stance on the events of Jan. 6, proposing pardons for some individuals involved in the Capitol raid. Additionally, Trump expressed his intention to end gender-affirming care for minors, and advocates for the consequences of doctors who are involved in such procedures.

Biden was not printed on the ballot for New Hampshire, but voters could write his name down to put in a vote with hopes he would win the democratic race. Biden’s name was not printed on the New Hampshire ballot after The Democratic National Committee decided that South Carolina has a larger variety of democratic voters than New Hampshire, prompting Biden to be printed on the South Carolina ballot, where he will be represented in equality to the republican candidates.

Biden’s presidency and re-election campaigns focuses on social security and medicare, a veto on the national abortion ban, furthuring aid to support Ukraine and a higher tax on the wealthy.
Haley’s campaign plans include focuses on economic growth, intentions to improve housing construction, and to make homeownership more accessible. She also intends to focus on immigration issues, with hopes that she will win her home state of South Carolina.

Results for the South Carolina Primary are expected to be released on Feb. 3 for the Democrats and Feb. 24 for the Republican candidates.