Jeffrey Epstein court documents unsealed

On Jan. 2, 2024, more than 4,553 pages involving sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein were published to the public. These documents are expected to be the last of the documents that have been ordered to be unsealed. They were approved to be released by the DC District Judge Loretta Praska as part of a settled lawsuit.

Although the documents were heavily redacted, they did include the names of over 150 people suspected to be involved with Epstein’s network. The most notable names are former US President Bill Clinton, as well as Prince Andrew and the late scientist Stephen Hawking. One of the unnamed individuals in the documents, known as Doe 174, is thought to be another former US President–Donald Trump.

However, one witness, Virginia Roberts Guiffre, who claimed to be a victim of sex trafficking by Epstein as a teenager, claimed that she only witnessed Prince Andrew engage in sexual activity while on the island. Guiffre’s lawyers have also filed a lawsuit against former Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz and retail magnate Less Wexner for their alleged misconduct while on the island.