Kilkelly dominates off-the-field

Patrick Kilkelly, junior, is one of the most committed and dedicated team members of Varsity football, despite the fact that he doesn’t actually play the sport. Having wanted to play football for his entire life, Patrick had to find a new way to participate when his parents decided that he had to stop playing after he surpassed the age limit for flag football.
He solved this problem by emailing head varsity football coach, Jason Klein, and was welcomed onto the team as assistant offensive coordinator. Kilkelly’s responsibilities include watching film, marking yardage of plays, keeping track of all the plays and helping to warm up the team.
“He loves football, his folks wouldn’t let him play it but he wanted to be around it.” Klein said. “He helps out with whatever we need him to do.”
Kilkelly sees the members of Varsity football as teammates, and loves working with the team, helping out at every practice and game. He has a close relationship with many of the players, who he considers to be some of his closest friends.
“Patrick does whatever he can, he’s a big help for the team and I love having him around,” Cameron Rising, varsity quarterback, said.

With high hopes for the rest of the season,  Patrick’s favorite moment so far was when Newbury Park beat Westlake this season for the first time in years.
The win was exciting for all the NP football fans, but Patrick was ecstatic; “I knew we were the better team and it finally started to show at just the right time”, he said.

Kilkelly is the first student to shadow the offensive coordinator, and hopes that his parents will allow him to join the team as a player next year.  Many see him at the games, but few know the real work he puts in, going to as many practices as he can, for three hours after school each day.
By taking the initiative to talk to the coaches and work with them to create this new position, Patrick has opened a door for students who love football but can’t play to be a part of the team, to help out as student coaches.
“He reached out on his own, he wanted to see if there was something he could do to help and we love that”, coach Klein said.  

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