Paramore’s “This is Why” is a stellar comeback album

After a five year hiatus, Paramore released their 10th studio album “This is Why” on Feb. 10. The three members of Paramore have been making music for almost two decades, and this album proves that they are building and improving upon their alternative rock sound. However, this album differs from their past projects as the subjects they write about have evolved as they’ve grown into adulthood. Depressing news channels, chiropractic appointments and still feeling young while your body gets older are just a few of the new ideas Paramore explores in “This is Why.”

The titular opening track “This is Why,” which was also their comeback single, sets up the album with a high, angsty and even danceable energy that is maintained throughout most of the album. A little down the album is “Running out of Time.” This song was my personal favorite on the album, and it strongly reminds listeners of Hayley Williams’ power and range, and how she defined 2000s alternative music with her voice. The concept of poor time management is one familiar to all, and the musicality is clever in reflecting the feeling. The slow rise of the first verse into the explosive chorus truly captures the anxiety tied to procrastination.

With exceptional songs continuing down the album, the final two songs especially stand out. “Crave” is a bittersweet song about trying to capture the happiness of the present moment. The music that backs up the wistful lyrics emphasizes the theme as the bass plays a melody that evokes a coming-of-age feel. The final track, “Thick Skull” is a powerful closer for the project. Although it’s last, it was the first song written for the album. The song is nearly satirical since Williams sings of herself with all the hateful perceptions that have been placed upon her throughout the years. Knowing that this is the final album that Paramore is set to release under their label’s contract, this song becomes much more daunting. Although it is not a happy ending, it is a necessary one.

Overall, “This is Why,” is an incredibly successful album, especially after coming back from a five year breakup. It is perfect for introducing the genre of alternative rock to new and old listeners of Paramore.