Plans for Newbury Park’s first Dunkin Donuts

America’s largest coffee and doughnuts franchise, Dunkin Donuts, will be joining Taco Bell, Exer Urgent Care, the Waffle Experience and Sports Clips in the Conejo Gateway plaza at the corner of

Wendy drive and Old Conejo road with plans to open in 2024.This breakfast chain restaurant began small, with one cafe originally named Open Kettle opening in 1948 in Quincy, Massachusetts. Rebranding as Dunkin Donuts in 1950, the franchise grew rapidly, opening their 10,000 restaurant in 2001.

This chain is now a global enterprise, operating stores in 30 countries, including the Bahamas, Ecuador, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. Despite all of this growth, Dunkin Donuts has still remained a local company, its headquarters has only moved about 15 miles down the road to another small Massachusetts town.

The proposed Dunkin Donuts is blue printed to be a drive-through, though it is still going through the city’s permit process. This includes a traffic study to ensure that the drive-through will not interfere or create hold-ups in the busy intersection off the freeway.

The East Coast staple, Dunkin coffee and doughnuts currently has 112 shops located in California but this will be Thousand Oak’s first one.