Pricey threads are turning heads

Supreme, a popular brand iconic for their simplistic red box with the word “Supreme” embossed or embroidered into their clothing, is known for charging high prices for what some consider to be an overrated graphic. However, Supreme is no longer alone in charging high prices for designer men’s clothing, and with brands out of japan and korea like Bape and Off-White becoming increasingly popular in the US, some of the once easily identifiable designer garments are becoming tougher to notice.

“You know in a way it’s really stupid that they charge such high prices, but some designs are really unique and those do deserve high prices.” Darryl Chen, Junior, said regarding premium brands Bape and Supreme. Not at all unfamiliar with unconventional garments, Supreme is well known for their avantgarde printed tees and pants, celebrity collaborations and every possible bizarre variation of they’re world famous box logo.

Despite high prices that get even higher after resale, these designer brands still have a very high demand because of the self proliferating excitement that follows their exclusive releases. “Hype, I would say it’s just a really wanted item. Ya, right so basically the item would be limited in some way and, just, everybody wants it.”

Chen wouldn’t necessarily call himself a “hype beast”, but he is certainly a connoisseur of high end streetwear brands like Bape and Supreme. Owning a multitude of designer garments from shoes and jackets to undershirts, Chen even went so far as to visit the exclusive Bape store in Japan.  “I think the appeal is that many people, know what it is. It’s not normal, because everybody has Vans, Hurley and all these other brands and then if you have something different (you are) unique.”

Zane Bitt, junior, has a different take on things, “It’s expensive clothing but also they make really good designs, and if you end up not liking it you can always resell.” Zane Bitt, Junior, said. A self described “hype beast’, someone who often wears high end streetwear and shoe brands, Bitt often resells Supreme and has built a lofty collection.

“Im wearing a Supreme jacket that’s a collaboration with Thrasher and Supreme overalls.” Bitt said.  As stylish as they may be, even Bitt, a reseller, can find the hype streetwear industry sort of egotistical. “I mean, it’s kind of pretentious, some of the hype stuff is pretty stupid, like Supreme makes a crow bar that sells for 200$”

With brand name clothing becoming more and more common on campus, are you willing to pay the price?

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