Rocky Capobianco becomes new school board trustee

Following Jenny Fitzgerald’s exit, CVUSD school board elected a new trustee in a 4-0 vote after candidates appeared at a special board meeting. He began his newly appointed position as school board trustee on Aug. 12 and attended every school board meeting since.

Rocky Capobianco, new school board trustee, takes Fitzgerald place on the dais after being selected by the remaining board members. “We interviewed six candidates and narrowed it down and then voted,” Bill Gorback, Vice President of the school board, said. “There were several questions after the interviews were concluded asking for who we thought would be good members up to three choices. Then after discussion, the motion for Mr. Capobianco was made.”

Considering that he also has kids that have been through the motions of CVUSD programs. “He has deep roots in the community and a wide range of people that he interacts with in his professional life, and his personal life.” Cindy Goldberg said. Cindy Goldberg, school board trustee, was in favor of Trustee Capobianco. “Everybody brings a different strength. So hopefully, he will be able to calm the waters,” Goldberg said.

Prior to Capobianco’s appointment, he has been working as a full time licensed insurance broker and a parent volunteer in the community for the past 15 years. “Whether it be school site council, PTA, budget committee, or LCAP…I’ve been an active parent and volunteer and leader with their community,” Capobianco said. 

There are many complications that have arisen from this pandemic and Trustee Capobianco is aware that this will affect students on many different levels. “There’s so much divide, there’s so much frustration on so many levels… It’s been a rough year and a half of this pandemic onto our students…[and] I’ve always been a proponent of being open. Open to listen to different ideas for acceptance and for coming up with some sort of plan that we can all work on together,” Capobianco said.