Student Vs Teacher

Maddie Neier and Mr. Svoboda (D-5)


Maddie – 1

Mr. Svoboda – 7 


  1. What is the most popular Halloween costume according to Google? A witch 

Maddie – Pumpkin 

Mr. Svoboda – Vampire 


JOKE: Witch participant will win?


  1. What was candy corn originally called? Chicken Feed

Maddie – Corn Candy

Mr. Svoboda – Chicken feed

JOKE: Neier is flat-out-of-cluck.



  1. How long did it take to make the movie “A Nightmare Before Christmas”? Three Years 

Maddie –  6 years 

Mr. Svoboda – 3 years 


JOKE: This is a real nightmare before Christmas for Neier.


  1. How many pieces of candy does the average house give to each trick-or-treater? Two pieces 

Maddie – 3 pieces 

Mr. Svoboda – 2 pieces


JOKE: Svoboda is a real Smartie!


  1. What is the most popular adult Halloween candy? M&Ms

Maddie – M&Ms

Mr. Svoboda – Snickers 


JOKE: I snickered at Svoboda’s answer.


  1. What do you call a man who practices witchcraft? A Warlock 

Maddie – Witch may 

Mr. Svoboda – warlock 


JOKE: No amount of magic can save Neier now.


  1. What is National Candy Corn Day? October 30 

Maddie – October 15th

Mr. Svoboda – October 30th 


JOKE: Hope this isn’t too corny.


  1. Which country did Halloween originate from? Ireland

Maddie – Britain 

Mr. Svoboda – England 


JOKE: I-rish Halloween came more often!


  1. “I see dead people,” comes from what movie? The Sixth Sense 

Maddie – Haunted Mansion 

Mr. Svoboda – Sixth Sense 


JOKE: Thanks for creepin’ it real.


  1.  Is a pumpkin technically a fruit or vegetable? Fruit

Maddie – Vegetable 

Mr. Svoboda – Fruit 


JOKE: Have a gourd day!