Students’ talent shines through

Talent is everywhere, whether it is on display for everyone to see or concealed behind the public eye. It is something that should be cherished and by recognizing that talent, we can raise up our peers. Sometimes, people never know what someone is capable of and that’s what makes talent so fun and interesting. Thankfully, Newbury Park High School is chock-full of students with astonishing abilities.

Singing: Allie Mohlnitzkey, freshman: “I started singing when I was in first grade and I joined the choir program because I saw a bunch of kids performing and I thought it would be fun…honestly I don’t know what I would do without [singing], it’s really been keeping me together during this pandemic and it’s a way to escape from reality a bit.”

Double-Jointed: Ashlyn Smilor, sophomore: “I found out [my thumb was double jointed] when I was in elementary school…when I show people they are always like ‘eww’ or ‘woah’ or something like that. Then the ankle thing everyone thinks it’s gross, even my mom.”

Beats: Umang Patel, senior: “I make beats pretty much and then sometimes I do mash-ups… the other day I mashed up a baseball song and some other beat. It’s just for fun… the fact that I played piano and I learned piano theory really helps me to make music with the software that I use.”

Sewing: Makenna Davison, junior: “For one of my friend’s birthdays I got the idea to make her a shirt…so I made her a shirt and I made a couple of my other friends’ shirts and I’ve kind of just gotten back into [sewing] since then.”