STUNT cheer flies into their season

After a long and hard year, the STUNT cheerleaders are overjoyed to be returning to in-person practice, with their first practice being held on March 15. Different from spirit cheer, STUNT cheer focuses on perfecting routines that showcase cheerleader’s skills through pyramids, tosses and intricate flips. Currently, no games or competitions have been scheduled and cheerleaders must practice with a mask on.


Move- A group of STUNT cheerleaders practices their kick while rehearsing their dance routine. Kassondra Landry, head coach of STUNT cheer, is excited for their season. “My favorite aspects of STUNT is the emphasis on technique, cleanliness and execution; these are three things I prioritize in my coaching,” Landry said. “I have a great deal of passion for coaching so I am really looking forward to helping these athletes achieve new skills, get some fun and exciting new stunts in the air and overall just help this team become stronger athletes,” Landry said.


Friendship- The STUNT team supports Crystal Fuchs, senior, as they all work together to raise her into the air. The entire team shares a close bond and must trust each other to be able to perform well. Sara Mansourian, freshman, was especially excited to connect with friends at cheer. “I’m most looking forward to seeing new people in person and stunting with them,” Mansourian said.


Trust- Alison Gengo, freshman, gets in position to fly while Annie Lucas, sophomore (left), Gabi Prusinski, freshman (middle), and Katelyn Newton, junior (right), support her. The team has not been able to practice together until March 15. “I’ve only met my athletes over Zoom, so I’m also looking forward to getting to know them more,” Kassondra Landry, head coach, said. The team is currently practicing two to three times a week, in-person only.


Strength- Kate Corlew, junior, is raised into the air by her teammates. STUNT cheer is a high-contact sport that involves lots of skill. “I’m really excited to get a stunt called ‘The Lib’… because we got it last year and that was so cool,” Michela Maher, junior, said. Competition is also a large part of stunt, but it is still not clear whether the members of the STUNT team will be able to compete this year. “There’s a lot of hope for the season,” Maher said.