A choir split in two

The Women’s Ensemble worked so well together that Sarge, the choir director, decided to create a second intermediate level choir titled Advanced Women’s Ensemble.  The creation of the second level ensured the group would not have to split up, but students could audition for either Concert Choir or Advanced Women’s Ensemble.  

According to Madison Kasper, a sophomore who joined Advanced Women’s, “Sarge wanted to keep the original Women’s Ensemble together, because he thought we worked really well together. We’re a good group, so he didn’t want to split us up. He ‘refined’ the group and made some adjustments and added a few juniors from Concert Choir to create an Advanced Women’s Ensemble.”

Advanced singers from Women’s Ensemble last year were chosen to be a part of this new group, yet one of the only major differences is that Concert Choir contains boys, instead of keeping an all-female choir.

The choirs became so large that a second teacher, Mr. Klotz, joined the program. Sophomore Ashley Mansour, another Advanced Women’s member, added, “It’s not that different from last year other than things like Mr. Klotz and the location of the practices. We’re still just a group of girls who like singing and we work well together.”

However, there were some issues regarding splitting up the intermediate level of choir in two. “I like the idea of keeping the choir together,” Kasper said, “but some of my good friends who I loved to be with and sing with were moved into a different choir.” Yet overall, Kasper is enjoying her experience in Advanced Women’s Ensemble. “It’s a lot of fun,” she said, “I really love it.” She also shares how the program has shaped her as a singer. “I think it’s really helped me grow as not only a singer but as a person. This year I wasn’t too stoked that we had to wake up so early for first period, but singing with my friends really makes up for it.” All of the girls in Advanced Women’s have grown closer since last year, and people are still welcome to join.

“The choir is continuing to grow,” Jillian Cotone, another sophomore in Advanced Women’s, added, “and we are always looking for people who are interested in joining.” All levels of choir still require an audition, yet the addition of the new level and teacher makes the program a continuously changing and growing place where singers learn to work well and create music together.

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