Ambassadors shine as the face of school

As representatives of the school, the Ambassadors serve as welcoming faces for visitors. At events such as Back to School Night, Future Freshmen Night and College Night, Ambassadors greet and talk to newcomers to make them feel more comfortable with the school environment.

“We are here to represent our school in a positive way,” Katie Rose, junior, said.

The Ambassadors club existed for many years, but when the adviser retired, the club did with him. Last year, the Ambassadors was reinstated because, as current adviser Steve Johnson claims, it was needed by the school.

“We decided to revitalize it last year,” Johnson said. “There’s a lot of students who enjoy being here at NP and we love sharing that with the community.”

Ambassadors greet, talk to, hand fliers to, and help guide anyone who comes to visit the school. On Sept. 25, the Ambassadors helped out at College Night by welcoming visitors and directing them to different college booths.

“I could feel that it made more people comfortable being at the College Night and it promoted a positive image of the school,” Marie-Amella Thenoz, sophomore, said.

In order to join, students must have good citizenship, good grades and submit an application about why they want join at the beginning of the year. This year there has been an increase in membership from 33 to 53 members, because this is the first year seniors were able to join.

“We are trying to get more students from multiple grades involved, and we are trying to make ourselves more available for more events,” Johnson said

Rose, Thenoz and senior Emily Flores all joined their sophomore year. Though they found out about the club in different ways, all joined to work on their interpersonal skills and dedicate more time to the school.

“It personally makes me more aware of what is going on at the school and helps me get insight,” Rose said.

All claim their favorite part of being in the club is greeting and talking to the people.

“I love talking to the parents,” Flores said. “They are always so engaging and will want to start a conversation with me.”

The reinstatement of the Ambassadors club has been beneficial for both the school and the community.

“Just the little things lighten up the community and makes (visitors) feel important,” Rose said.


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