Teacher Club: Coming Up Next…

Teacher Club allows students who are curious about teaching to learn more about the profession, as well as the requirements and work that are necessary to become a teacher.

So far, a number of teachers have spoken to the club’s members about their experiences, according to Steve Johnson, history teacher and Teacher Club advisor. “We’ve heard from an older teacher like myself, and we’ve also heard from a first year teacher, which I think gave the students a much better read on what exactly a first year teacher goes through and what kind of obligations you have and how it works,” said Johnson.

The students in the club have also talked about the various requirements for the profession, such as the numerous pathways a person can take to become a teacher, as well as the differences between public and private schools.

The club allows students who are interested in becoming a teacher to interact with other students with similar interests. “These are the kind of people you will be working with later in life if you want to be a teacher,” said Clara Nielsen, vice president of Teacher Club. “The fellow teachers, the people who really like to and are inspired to teach.”

As someone who is inspired by and looks up to teachers, Nielsen later said, “thinking of becoming (a teacher) and learning about what they do, I think that’s really cool. It’s inspiring to think about kids being interested.”

“I like the enthusiasm that so many students have about being a teacher,” said Adham Btaddini, Teacher Club president. “From the experience I’ve had with my teachers, I really like them as people, and I like the profession.”

The enthusiasm felt by the members of the club is shared by Johnson, who said, “if there is one person who is interested in teaching, I am excited for that one person. If there are a hundred that would be great.”

The club is also planning on participating in community service, including the Special Olympics and Relay 4 Life. “We are thinking about ways that we can help the community, because teachers at their core are people who want to help and make their community better and help students out,” said Johnson.

Teacher Club meets on Thursdays at Lunch in D3^3 (D27).

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