Don’t allow political parties to divide America

There is no longer such a thing as bi-partisanship or even non-partisanship anymore in our society. Everything has a political agenda. This applies to local school boards, county offices and propositions.

Washington D.C. is experiencing a time of extreme partisanship and polarization that trickles down to even the average citizen– and student.

The goals of both sides of the political spectrum have left behind the days of doing what is good for the country and the only focus now is prohibiting the other side from doing anything.

Our country will remain deadlocked: no one will budge on any bill, proposition or idea. No one will risk disagreeing with their party– politicians have become utter cowards. Our nation is shrouded by lenses on red and blue and it is preventing all of us from seeing anything clearly.

Polarization also politicizes things that shouldn’t be; issues concerning basic human rights, environmental policy and identity do not belong solely to liberals or conservatives. To sustain a functioning system there needs to be more empathy for the vast, diverse landscape that exists in this country.

If you are a Democrat, you can still talk to a Republican. And vice versa. It is important to listen to a person instead of allowing preconceived notions about their political party to cloud our judgement about their character. Disagreement leads to radicalism, which is perpetuated by our current administration, pitting one group against the other in the name of patriotism.

Being patriotic doesn’t have to entail adherence to a single minded set of political guidelines drawn by the highest of the one percent. Being patriotic means respecting your country and the people within it.

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