New Graphics Card Receiving Hate

During the 2018 GamesCon Germany, Jensen Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA, a highly-regarded gaming company, announced the next generation of GPU’s or graphics cards that will available to the public on Sept. 20. Ever since then, reactions from both gaming and tech communities have been mixed. Some tech users are experiencing the hype in full force, already pre-ordering the expensive new GPU, and some are completely disregarding the GPU all together.

So, why all the hate? Well for starters, many people are calling out NVIDIA for acting shady and disingenuous during GamesCon. During the convention, Huang spent an hour of his time pumping the audience full of complicated terminology and “irrelevant information” which was more of him bolstering his company rather than actually talk about gaming. To many people, this didn’t seem right for an event titled “GamesCon.”

Huang made a statement to hyped gamers, saying that RTX (the software that NVIDIA is using for it’s graphics card) yields twice the frame rate of 1080ti (the current best graphics card on the market. Huang didn’t specify, however, which RTX he was referring to, which left a sour taste in people’s mouths. In addition he didn’t address frame rates of the percent of performance yield which further made players question the legitimacy of the company. During convention Jensen Huang showed footage demonstrating the strength of the card by toggling RTX on and RTX off. A notable improvement was the shadows, which certainly added a sense of immersion the previous gameplay didn’t give you. But for a price of $990, it doesn’t seem worth the apparent small boost in performance the GPU gives to gameplay.

Overall, GamesCon indeed left many people disappointed, however it is important to remember that the graphics card hasn’t even come out yet, and opinions are subjected to change. The next generation of graphic cards is likely to be an improvement, but by what degree is uncertain. So before buying it, I would wait for other people to try it first just in case you waste your money, or sell your perfectly good graphics card.

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