Westlake High School student nearly abducted

A man attempted to abduct a female Westlake High School student in Westlake village on the corner of Townsgate and Triunfo Canyon roads after school on Oct. 2 around 4 p.m.

The abductor is described to be a middle-aged male with a bushy beard and bald head. When the incident occurred, he was wearing black jeans, a purple shirt, and a pair of vans.

The man was driving a white Range Rover with a baseball logo decal. The decal makes it seem as if the baseball is breaking through the glass on the passenger side front window.

Steve Lepire, Newbury Park High School principal spoke on the matter. “Students should be aware of their surroundings and think about things like where they are parking their car and how to get somewhere safely. It can happen anywhere so we need to always be paying attention to what’s going on,” Lepire said.

Students being careful off campus is a big deal to Lepire, and he emphasized that the school and parents must be a bigger part of students in and out of school.

It is recommended that if any information is known, the Thousand Oaks Police department is contacted immediately at 805-494-8200.

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