Borderline hero passes away in motorcycle crash

Hero of the Borderline shooting from 2018, Matthew Wennerstrom, died in a motorcycle crash on Feb 28. Wennerstorm hit an SUV at Lynn and Kelly roads at 6:21 pm and passed before officials could move him from the scene. This was a major shock to the community, since Wennerstrom is often remembered for helping around 30 people escape during the 2018 Borderline shooting. 

Friends and family alike have mourned the loss of Wennerstrom, a beloved member of the community. A friend of Wennerstrom and NPHS Lacrosse coach Erich Wuesthoff said, “Matt was one of the most genuine, genuine people I’ve ever met. When he said something, he meant every word of it. He always cared about those around him more than he cared about himself- I think that was very evident in his actions in his everyday life and at that tragic borderline shooting. I think one thing that you don’t see in a lot of people today is their commitment to bettering their community, and he was always the first first person that stepped up with a smile and be there for others when they needed him.”

A gathering was held on Feb. 28 on 1475 Lawrence Drive at Wennerstrom’s memorial and flowers were placed around it by those who attended.