Cultural clubs spotlight communities

One important way in which students celebrate cultural diversity is through the several cultural clubs present at the high schools. These student groups create an enriched school environment that is more inclusive and representative of the student body. With hope on the horizon, club leadership is planning for their reunions on campus and eventual expansions of their clubs in the future.

Asian Culture Club

Carter Kawaguchi, junior and president

What does the Asian Culture Club do?

“We’ll talk about languages, we’ll talk about holidays, culture…It’s a very diverse continent, so we’ll highlight a specific country or holiday. For example, last year we had a Chinese New Year lesson where we brought in some food that was usually used on Chinese New Year. People obviously like food, so that’s why a lot of them came. So we use that as a platform to educate people about really important parts of not only Chinese culture but Asian culture as a whole.”

Muslim Students Association

Sara Hamza, junior and secretary

What is the goal of the MSA?

‘We want people to be familiar with each other and be okay with talking with each other, and just create a safe place for people to be. It doesn’t matter if you’re Muslim or not, it’s a place to be united. Outwards, for other people, we’ve made plans such as fundraisers to donate to organizations for people that might be in need.”

Westlake Black Students Union 

Abigail Flamer, sophomore and vice president

How has COVID-19 affected BSU?

“In some ways [COVID-19] has been really beneficial. For example, we had a meeting where we were able to invite middle school students, as well as other students from different high schools to help them start their own BSUs. I think that really wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t have [COVID-19], because now that people are so used to being on Zoom, it’s easy to get people from all over together in one meeting.”

Latinos Unidos 

Leslie Blanco, senior and president

What are your hopes for this club after you’re gone?

“It is my last year, and we’ve done a lot over the years that I’ve been a part of the board, but I do hope that the club continues in general. We’ve had a really hard time this year, so I just hope that they keep it going, and [I hope] that they continue the college visits and the presentations and just really getting the word out there.”