Senior year feels like a slap in the face

During my freshman year, I saw seniors having the time of their lives; taking fun ID photos, cheering like crazy in the Panther Pit during football games, getting to wear the coolest hoodies, making up iconic yearbook quotes and building a proud community of Newbury Park. The fun of senior year is what inspired me to work hard in classes throughout the years, no matter how unbearable. But now that it finally is here, it seems that the pizzazz of senior year has faded, and it’s just another dreadful year on campus. 

Every year, it feels like more and more rules are being added. We no longer have a senior quote in the yearbook, ID photos must be strictly professional with “NO face paint or costume masks, NO hats or costume wigs…NO props, pets/animals or other items are permitted that may interfere with the photo,” according to the email sent out by the NPHS staff.

 While it is understandable to restrict inappropriate clothing items and props, there is no harm in a senior taking their ID photo with a princess tiara or a funny hat. These photos don’t go into the yearbook and have no negative effect as long as the student is still identifiable. 

In addition to restrictions, senior traditions seemingly fade out of existence. Many students were waiting for a senior sunrise on the first day of school, yet this event has been delayed and will not happen until the end of the month. With a student survey being sent out regarding this event, some seniors are under the impression that we might have to pay for this event as well. Nobody wants to pay for an event that is celebrating them, especially if it traditionally is a free event and doesn’t cost money to hold.

With our honorary hoodies being spiked in price and senior sunrises being forgotten about, senior year feels more like a slap in the face rather than a last hoorah. With all that this year’s senior class has endured, from yearly fires to a global pandemic, we deserve some leeway to have fun during our final year at NPHS. This opinion is entirely my own and does not reflect the beliefs of the entire staff as a whole.