Students Must Continue to Mask Up

Within the first few weeks of school, my family received messages from the school that told us about my classmates who have contracted COVID-19. I knew the first email would be inevitable. But as more started filling my parents’ inboxes, it began to put into perspective just how rapidly the virus is spreading around the school. I can not help but wonder, how long until it reaches me or someone I love? 

I enjoy the refreshing feeling of taking my mask off just as much as my peers, but it is not worth the risk. There have been cases of unmasked, fully vaccinated people who tested positive for COVID. While the likelihood of this happening is low, it’s still very possible. Just because mask protocols may not be strict, people should continue to keep their guard up and mask up. 

On June 15, masks were no longer required indoors for fully vaccinated California residents. Not even two full months later on Aug. 15, this was reversed. The moment people began to remove masks, COVID cases spiked to no surprise once again. As citizens can become agitated with the ever changing protocols, they should remember that it is in the favor of their safety and well being to wear face coverings in all indoor and outdoor vicinities. 

During the short period of time when masks were not required in enclosed spaces, an important adult in my life contracted the virus from an asymptomatic person while  indoors . Both individuals were fully vaccinated. 

Normally I am able to confide in this individual my daily anxiety struggles. Not having in-person contact with them took this away from me and placed a mental toll on me. But, I know they had it worse because COVID is a nasty, unforgiving virus. 

This is one of many real situations that serves a warning for anyone and everyone in our community. If a healthy, fully vaccinated person who was following state guidelines can contract the illness, it is definitely capable of reaching the unmasked students who prowl around campus.

Students need to follow regulations as if they are always at risk because unfortunately, that is reality. Sticking with masks, inside and outside, can keep us safe in our school and personal lives.