Student VS. Teacher

1. Q: What is the seventh zodiac sign?

Crumrine: Libra

Halpert: Taurus

A: Libra


It was written in the stars!


2. Q: What year was the first iPhone released?

Crumrine: 2007

Halpert: 2003

A: 2007


iKnow this answer!


3. Q: What three states share a border with California?

Crumrine: Arizona, Nevada, Oregon

Halpert: Arizona, Nevada Oregon

A: Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon


Not knowing this answer would be borderline criminal!


4. Q: Who was the winner of “American Idol” season one?

Crumrine: “Unsure”

Halpert: Kelly Clarkson

A: Kelly Clarkson


What didn’t kill Zoe made Halpert stronger.


5. Q: What year was Thousand Oaks incorporated?

Crumrine: 1963

Halpert: 1953

A: 1964


These answers are not oak-ay.


6. Q: What is Barbie’s real name?

Crumrine: Barbara Roberts

Halpert: “Unsure”

A: Barbara Roberts


Be a Ken, not a chad.


7. Q: What Greek mythological creature is featured in the Starbucks logo?

Crumrine: A Siren

Halpert: Aphrodite

A: A Siren


Mediocre coffee isn’t a Greek myth!


8. Q: How many album units has Taylor Swift sold?

Crumrine: 700 million

Halpert: 6 million

A: 51 million units


They were fearless in answering this question wrong.


9. Q: When was the first Super Bowl?

Crumrine: 1971

Halpert: 1966

A: 1967


The super bowl needed a super answer!


10. Q: How many feet are in a mile?

Crumrine: 1,200 ft

Halpert: 1,500 ft

A: 5,280 ft


Answer this right or take a mile hike!


Crumrine Wins!

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