Students gather around the movie screen

ASG held a Movie Night for NPHS students on Dec. 18 prior to their annual Winter Rally. With the rally theme being “The Nightmare Before Winter Break,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas” was shown on a projector screen at 5 p.m. in the quad in order to get students in the spirit.

AJ de Vos, junior, was the one who came up with the idea to hold a movie night. “I’ve been wanting to do a movie night for a while now in middle school and even in high school,” de Vos said. In order to hold the movie night, ASG needed to obtain a license for a movie screen and projector. “(The license) wasn’t hard to obtain. You just have to pay for it,” de Vos said.

Steven Kitchell, sophomore, helped ASG in the weeks prior to the event and also expressed excitement for the event. “We’re really excited to use (the movie screen) for this,” Kitchell said.

As part of the planning process, ASG had to go through activity requests and work order processes, as well as gain licensing for the movie screen. However, Kitchell noted that publicity has been difficult this time around. “With IB testing we’re not able to get announcements going so we’ve been trying to make posters to spread the word,” Kitchell said.

Carly Adams, assistant principal of activities, supervised the planning of the event and helped gain the license for the movie screen. Adams also gave permission for NPHS clubs to sell snacks during the event. “We’re giving the opportunity for clubs to sell food because there are no regulations for the nighttime,” Adams said.