The King’s Man falls short of expectations

The King’s Man, a comedy spy-action film directed by Matthew Vaughn, follows a secret agency formed in an attempt to stop a world war that will cause the deaths of millions. The movie is a prequel to two previous Kingsman movies, which were both extremely popular and topped box offices. However, this release does not match up to the others’ comedy and plot.

“The King’s Man” runs just over two hours and stars Gemma Arterton as Polly Wilkins, an expert sniper in the secret service. She is tasked with creating and training the Kingsman organization. In addition, Djimon Hounsou, known for his roles in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Captain Marvel,” plays Shola, a man part of the Kingsman organization who assists Polly Wilkins with running the agency. The cast shines in this movie and you can tell the actors are dedicated and experienced. 

“The King’s Man” franchise is known for its action-based comedy, but this most recent movie tried too hard to make commentary on politics in slow and serious conversations. In the end, the action scenes feel thrown out of nowhere, along with a poorly placed joke. 

The only action scene that is worth noting was the Rasputin fight scene. The fight was very well done and extremely entertaining, but only lasted a couple minutes. Before the scene, there were a few fights and action heavy parts, but for being advertised as an action movie, I found the film disappointing. 

The King’s Man does not compare to the two previous films. The action and comedy of the film, it’s two main selling points, felt inadequate and confusing. The cast was amazing, but the plot does not do them justice. It does have good moments in it’s fight scenes and jokes, but it’s just not worth the two hour watch and 15 dollar movie ticket.