Netflix removes cult classics and ruins lives

Netflix is constantly adding new shows and movies that we celebrate, but at the same time, taking off programs that are close to our hearts. The company has increased the production of their own shows and movies to increase revenue, pushing some favorites off the page. Here are several being taken off in April and May and our thoughts on whether or not this was a smart decision.


Removed on April 1st:

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off No. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is an 80’s cult classic that everyone has seen. The movie follows Bueller on escapades throughout the city after he plays hooky from school. His goofy principal relentlessly chases them around, but to no avail as Bueller and his friends escape with no consequences, instead having the best day of their lives and becoming more popular than ever. This movie should not have been taken off Netflix. It’s the perfect movie to watch with your friends at a party and then laugh about later. Even though it is over 30 years old, Ferris Bueller is constantly being referenced, even in today’s youth. Furthermore, Bueller is a high school icon: he defies authority with ease and lives out his dreams. Most people don’t watch DVDs anymore or don’t want to spend the extra money to buy it online, so without the presence of this movie on Netflix, it may lose its modern popularity. Save Ferris.

House, M.D. (Seasons 1-8) – Yes. Dr. Gregory House, an infectious disease specialist, tackles a new rare disease every episode. With his top team of doctors, House always miraculously finds the cure while managing to piss off everyone around him with his blunt attitude. I agree that this show should have been taken off; there are better doctor shows. House does the same thing every episode: he solves another rare medical case, he makes a few jokes, and then complains about being alone. It’s repetitive and doesn’t need to last for eight seasons. The whole “anti-hero who eventually wins over the audience with his good deeds” bit is overdone already and House does little to take a creative spin on this archetype.

The Superman series – Partially. Netflix has removed “Superman 1-4” and “Superman Returns” from the site, leaving only the spin off, Supergirl, in its place. I understand that Superman is a cult classic and people are obsessed with every single movie in the series, but you probably don’t need all the movies on Netflix. You can get the gist of all the movies by just watching one. Superman faces an otherworldly superior being who threatens the safety of the Earth, but it’s nothing new, he always wins. Netflix is trying to appeal to a wider audience, which is made possible by replacing five very similar movies that target a specific viewer with a variety of movies. I think they should leave the original movie to allow first time viewers to have a taste of what the Superman series is like and to further pursue the sequels on a different platform if they wish.

The Princess Bride – No. The Princess Bride is another 80’s cult classic that shaped my childhood. It’s the basis for modern fairy tale movies: if you liked “Ella Enchanted” or the “Princess Diaries”, this would be a great watch. It’s a story within a story: while sick in bed, William Goldman listens to his grandfather tell him a fantastical story of a beautiful woman forced to marry the prince of the land while she believes her true love to be dead. Her true love is not in fact dead and goes on an adventure to save her, encountering mystical creatures and skilled mercenaries. There’s comedy, drama, and romance, making it an all together feel good movie for both old and young viewers alike. It’s relevant and definitely irreplaceable.


Removed April 26th:

The Nutty Professor 2 – No. The Nutty Professor is about how a 250-pound scientist, Sherman Klump, undergoes a miraculous weight loss. However, this weight loss came with side-effects: Sherman develops an obnoxious second personality that is more well-liked than the old Sherman. It’s a provocative movie that has gory scenes as well as hilarious commentary, and shouldn’t have been taken off of Netflix because it was one of those movies that would automatically cheer you up. Its cheesy humor and lightheartedness made it easy to be in a good mood.


Removed May 2nd:

Good Luck Charlie – No. This show was the last sliver of hope Disney Channel had for the “old” Disney vibe. Good Luck Charlie really was the modern day version of Full House, which is what made the show so lovable, and reminds the watchers of a loving family that brings a comfortable sentiment. The plot revolves around a family of seven living in Colorado, struggling with daily problems in life as eldest sister Teddy vlogs each episode to give her baby sister life lesson advice in the future. Taking this show off of Netflix will cement the fact that there are no more good Disney shows available to watch as the channel has become too corny, losing all shows with any good plot lines or humor.


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