Political correctness is in fact ruining America

I am going to start this out with a question:

Do you censor yourself often?

Do you find yourself having to scoot around certain topics where your opinion could spark an outrage from your peers?

Let us examine this hypersensitive world that we live in nowadays– especially here in the U.S.. Trying to make a joke, let alone express your opinion, is like trying to make it through the Matrix and avoid skin-searing lasers at the same time.

Saying something as simple as the term “citizen” and “brown bag” can get you into a world of trouble like it did to government workers in Seattle during 2013, according to Michael Snyder in his article “19 Shocking Examples Of How Political Correctness Is Destroying America.” These Washington State officials were banned from using those terms because they could be deemed as “potentially offensive.”

But, if political correctness continues at this rate, and our society continues to have something to complain about at every corner, it seems that a kind of censorship such as this would do more harm than good.

The incident in Seattle is one of the many examples of political correctness that Americans (among others) have become seemingly obsessed with. In accordance to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, political correctness is the act of “conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated.”

If the United States decided to crack-down and truly enforce the needs and stipulations that political correctness requires, we can all kiss our “freedom of speech” goodbye.

Everything causes someone grief. Everything upsets someone and enrages someone else, triggers someone and makes someone else cry.

I am going to be honest in saying I have a very crass and dry sense of humour. I am also seemingly unable to fluctuate my voice in way to make my sarcasm obvious. For example, I have noted over the years the many types of drivers in this world. The slow, awkward drivers seem to be as follows: as for gender, it seems to be females; as for age, older people; and for race, Asians. A joke it is to me (though it does have some truth behind it), a flaming insult it is to others.

And, yes, I can see how this may offend someone, but, statistically, these are correct. Even the annoying voices in my driver’s training agreed. Men are more prone to drive recklessly, whereas women are prone to drive slower, more cautiously. As you grow older, your reflexes grow slower, ergo, so might your car.

I am always in the midst of saying that this is not a generalization. I try my hardest to avoid generalizing- for these thoughts stem from my personal observations. Yet, I still get: “Logan, that’s racist!” and “Logan, you’re being sexist!” and maybe I am. Maybe I am an Asian racist against Asian people, and I am a biological sexist female towards females. It is not impossible.

Obviously, race and gender are not the only concepts that seem to readily enrage people. Religion is something that is also on the top charts of topics that offend people.

Likewise, in Snyder’s article, a few examples of religion pop up, such as the high school track team that was disqualified because one of the runners made a gesture “thanking God” after crossing the finish line. A New Jersey teacher was also fired for giving his Bible to a student who did not have one of his own.

With all of the controversy stemming around absolutely everything, people are becoming very sensitive, since now, any complaint can be the lawsuit that ends a person’s career or business; any slip of the foot can be fatal to even the most common person. Personally, I am already treading shallow water in what I say, think, feel, and breathe. Any more, and I will drown in the woes of censorship and that will be the end of me.

America seems to pride itself on its citizens’ freedom. But, with all this wavering “freedom of speech” deal, will it really have anything to pride itself on?

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