A clean serve saves the day against Camarillo

On March 4, the NPHS boy’s volleyball triumphantly beat Camarillo with a score of 3-0. This elevated them from their loss to Santa Barbara on Feb 22.

Benjamin Sachs, sophomore, has been looking forward to starting the new season. Over summer, he practiced and competed in club volleyball tournaments in order to prepare. “My goals for myself and my team [are] to work hard and win,” Sachs said.

In anticipation of upcoming games, the team has participated in scrimmages. “I got to reconnect with my team and also meet everyone else who is joining this year,” Sachs said. Sachs also enjoys teamwork and making friends along the way. “A lot of the opposing teams are super nice and you can make a couple of friends from [them],” Sachs said.

Caleb Eschenberg, sophomore, also feels positive about the new season. Eschenberg has played volleyball for the past six years and is excited for the first game back.

As the off-season comes to a close and games approach, athletes become more competitive for spots on the team. “Practices become longer and we run more drills [including] back and forth pepper with a partner and volleyball, [and] a game called King’s Court, where we just have like three back row players on each side,” Eschenberg said.

One of Eschenberg’s favorite parts of volleyball is the satisfaction that follows a successful game. “After a long rally… even if you don’t gain the point, if you have the satisfaction of knowing that you and your team were able to keep the ball up on your side of the court for that long of a time, it just feels great,” Eschenberg said.

Ethan Miller Jr., junior, has been playing volleyball for the past four years. After transitioning from off season to season, the intensity has risen for preparation for their games. “The transition from the offseason to the regular season has been very fluid. Practices have been increasing in difficulty and intensity,” Miller said.

For Miller, the most important rule of the game is to be in a good headspace. “Volleyball is such a mental game… the right mindset is half of the battle,” Miller said. “I think a team goal this year is to take home CIF,” Miller said.

To Sachs, the best thing about volleyball is the thrill that it gives. “With all the adrenaline, you never know what you’re capable of,” Sachs said.