Senior Trends

In 2005 and 2006, this year’s seniors came into a world full of skinny jeans, trucker hats and iconic T-shirts. And while there may still be 2000s trends walking through the school, the clothing we wear and the accessories we use have slowly evolved. Influenced by athletes, movie stars, models and even students, styles have had a significant change from the time that 2024 seniors were in elementary school than how they are now. 

Although the age difference between the two has had a noteworthy impact on these trends, there is much more to how trends develop into what is seen all around campus. Even though styles have changed, many brands from the mid-2000s, however, are still popular. All around campus, teenagers sport their comfortable attire by pairing their outfit with Ugg slippers, which have seen a drastic change since the 2000s Ugg boots. Over the years, these comfortable shoes have slowly gotten shorter and shorter, turning them into a popular shoe often worn to school. 

Launched in 2005, Pandora was the very first music streaming service that provided personalized radio stations for everyone. And while Pandora continues to stand as one of the top music applications, Spotify has climbed its way to the top with over 350 million users according to Business of Apps. Whether it’s driving to school or getting ready in the mornings, music is part of everyone’s lives, especially children and teenagers. From a young age, children may learn vocabulary and reading skills from music. Teenagers and young adults often find deeper meanings in their favorite artist’s soundtrack. 

Looking through old photos and videos, a dominant component is the opposite patterns that completed each outfit. From plaid shorts to polka dot tops to flower hats, each day consisted of patterns on patterns. And as neutral colors begin to take control of the current high school outfits, it’s enjoyable to channel one’s inner child by bringing out the colorful patterns, especially as summer begins to approach. These shapes of mosaic colors established the childhoods of what this next graduating generation will be able to accomplish. And now, we laugh and joke about our clothing decisions. In 10 years, many of us will be able to look back with laughter about the outfits we are currently wearing.

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