Seniors give words of advice to rising freshmen

As the class of 2024 prepares to wrap up their senior year, the incoming class of 2028 is filled with curiosity about what awaits them in the next four years of their life. To ease them into their first year at a new school, these seniors have a few words of advice for their young counterparts. 

Allie Mohelnitzky/With Permission

Emma Kilgore-8th grader

“What has been one of the highlights of highschool?”

Allie Mohelnitzky-senior

“One of the highlights of high school was the school dances! Each was so much fun and I had such a blast hanging and dancing with my friends. My favorite was prom at the vineyards; it was such an incredible experience. you also meet the best people that you will probably be friends with for life in high school!”

Shriya Rajesh/With Permission

Nellie Patsch- 8th grader

“What’s your favorite spot on campus to hang out?”

Shriya Rajesh- senior

“My favorite spot on campus to hang out is definitely the yearbook room because of the couches and the lunch tables next to the c building because my friends and I staked out a table sophomore year and we have literally sat there for 3 years!”

Connor Taggart/With Permission

Dylan Loosemore- 8th grader

“What was your favorite class at NPHS and why?”

Connor Taggart- senior

“Easy. It was the culinary track. We made great food. It’s a really fun class in the teacher is amazing.”

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