Boys’ Beach Volleyball hits the sand

As players get ready for another school year, they are excited for the start of the beach volleyball season. Houston Hull, senior and left-side player, has been playing indoor volleyball for five years and just recently found a love for beach volleyball. “Although I play both, I like beach more because you have more control over the game and I love being able to play at the beach,” Hull said.
Although many people dread waking up early and jumping into the day, Hull’s willingness to do so demonstrates his dedication to his sport and teammates. “My favorite part of the season so far is waking up at six in the morning and going to Will Rogers State Beach and driving two hours there and back for sure,” Hull said.

Volleyball requires many skills to ensure a well-played game, but Hull believes there are a few that play a big role in succeeding and growing in the sport. “The skills I value most from volleyball include patience, being able to focus on the next point or whatever’s ahead and hard work,” Hull said.

While balancing school and extracurriculars can be difficult, Hull likes to look on the bright side and believes that maintaining his sport and school has helped him to better manage his time. “[Volleyball] helps me to make time and focus on the task at hand,” Hull said.

Kanen Crosby, sophomore, is a player and student on NPHS’ junior varsity beach volleyball team. Crosby has been playing since last year and appreciates many aspects of the game. While Corsby is passionate about indoor volleyball, he believes beach volleyball is more enjoyable due to being able to play on the sand near the ocean.

Crosby values teamwork, friendship and determination, but considers communication among teammates to be the most valuable skill in volleyball. “Talking is the most important thing,” Crosby said.

Crosby is excited for the rest of the season and hopes to win many games alongside his fellow teammates. “[My favorite part was] finding out who my partner would be,” Crosby said. Crosby explains how being part of a team and creating connections has helped him become a better player.

Brent Johnson, senior, has indulged himself in beach volleyball not only for the love of volleyball but for the environment. “I just enjoy the overall atmosphere of the beach volleyball program. There’s a lot of cool people and I love being around the ocean and getting to surf afterward,” Johnson said.

As Johnson begins his second and final season at NPHS, he believes being a team player and communicating is a necessity for his position. “I play libero, which is a defensive specialist, so the position requires fast reactions and good passing which is impossible without teamwork,” Johnson said. “[Volleyball] is a very hands-on sport so being a team is the most important thing during a game.”

Like many high schoolers, Johnson has many activities besides school that contribute to his busy schedule. “It can be hard to cram everything in the amount of time in a day, but I often feel more organized when I do have a sport to play during the school year because it forces me to use my time more wisely,” Johnson said.

As senior players get ready for their last season at NPHS, Hull encourages all of the new players on the team to work together and create friendships with everyone. “Be aggressive, assertive and loud,” Hull said.