Celebrities’ lives should not be paraded

*Gasp* Wow did you know that *insert celebrity name here* buys groceries? No way, it’s almost as if they were normal human beings like you and me!

Clearly the media has not caught the drift, because all over the Internet and television, celebrities’ daily lives are flaunted and gawked at. I cannot go on Snapchat without seeing pictures ogling at the Kardashians or Ariel Winter going to the movies or to workout– something that everyone does. Somehow when celebrities do mundane tasks, they are suddenly considered interesting and even subject to criticism. With a simple click of a button, you can find out where hundreds of celebrities buy their clothes and what exactly they buy, fit with hundreds of creepy paparazzi pictures for your liking.

Just because they are famous does not mean that they are perfect, yet every wrong action or poor clothing choice is blown up. So what, Julia Michaels was not exactly the best dressed at the AMAs, it does not and should not diminish her status as an artist.

Why can we not just let celebrities live their lives? They are just normal people. Yes, we should appreciate the professional work they do, however, once they are off the clock, what they do should not be paraded for the whole world to see. Private lives should be kept private. They should be allowed to go on vacation or visit friends without a string of cameras trailing behind. We cannot criticize celebrities for hiring bodyguards and seeming distant from fans when we have created the culture to be this way.

Rumor blogs only serve to separate the fan and the celebrity, not bring the two closer together. Some of the biggest fans are the same ones spreading lies about their idol secretly being pregnant or even cheating on their significant other. While it seems like one is getting closer to their favorite celebrity by knowing more about them, they are in reality feeding the rumor mill. It only creates a toxic environment and generates insecurities that may not be previously known. A-Listers are instead isolated from sharing details of their lives with the public, out of fear of spreading even more rumors, and forced to be more reserved.

We should be content with our own everyday lives and should not be so consumed in that of others. Save the intrigue for the next movie or song release instead.