Enola Holmes 2 mystifies fans

On the fourth of November, the sequel to the Millie Bobby Brown period piece, “Enola Holmes” hit Netflix. With acting performances such as Helena Bonham Carter and Henry Cavill, the early 19th century movie pleased fans and enlightened viewers, even achieving a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes 4 days after release.

The main plot surfaces around Sherlock Holmes’ sister Enola, played by Mille Bobby Brown, who strives to make herself known as a detective amidst the marginalization that she faces as a young woman in 1884. Contrasting from Stranger Things, Brown’s role as Enola features heavy dialogue as well as scenes that break the fourth wall; which might sound corny but actually adds a more personal aspect despite some topics being dark. In the first film, Enola searches for her mom, who she comes to find, works for a feminist organization that strives for basic rights for women at the time. Though the ending of the first film’s mystery didn’t end with the outcome Enola intended, she learned that she had a knack for detective work, similar to her brother Sherlock.

In period dramas, especially those covering London during the Victorian Era, factors such as costume design and realistic storytelling are difficult to encompass successfully and historically. Enola Holmes 2 however, did a fantastic job of representing realistic costume design as well as historical storytelling; with the sequel covering a true story in contrast to the original. In the theme of striving for women’s rights, the sequel covers the story of the 1888 Bryant and May Matchgirls’ strike. In which, the young girls employed at the Bryant and May match factory experienced extreme hardships while remaining underfed and underpaid, while living amongst constant death to fellow sisters and friends due to horrible working conditions and no workers rights for women. Through the ins and outs of the mysteries unfolding in front of her, Enola works to find out why the deaths are unfolding and not being acknowledged while trying to find a missing girl, Sarah Chapman; a real woman who fought for women’s rights in the 1888 Bryant and May Matchgirls’ strike.

Along with intriguing action scenes and suspenseful mystery solving, Enola Holmes 2 additionally paid beautiful homage to romantic aspects of the story. With the main love interest being Lord Tewkesbury played by Louis Partridge, fans were entranced and highly satisfied with the angsty teenage relationship from the first film continuing in the second film with even more heartfelt and excruciating romantic scenes. Though Enola mentioned a slight interest in the teenage Lord in the first movie, the second completes the couples’ relationship while demonstrating the powerful message of asking for help. My only problem with the original movie was the frequent idea that women are most successful without the accompaniment of anyone at all; the sequel however, emphasizes the idea that though women can be just as strong independently as they are with someone else, it is okay to ask for help or to even seek a relationship without jeopardizing your own self worth.

As a fan of the first film, I found my expectations exceeded. Though no official statements of a third installment have been made official, fans as well as myself hope to see the continuation of the young detective’s story.