Girls take the field, seniors take the win

This year’s Powder Puff game introduced the junior and senior girls to the feeling of being on the field under the Friday night lights. Friends, family and classmates cheered the players on as the senior Powder Puff players took down the juniors with a score of 12-0.

After two weeks of practice led by upperclassmen football players, the junior and senior girls were able to compete in their flag football game on May 27.

Blair Rocheleau, junior and member of the Powder Puff junior team, explained the feeling of intimidation that playing an unfamiliar sport brought herself and her teammates.

“It’s a new sport and, especially since it’s football, we all came in pretty timid,” Rocheleau said. “And we are the underdogs already being juniors, so it’s just been hard to adapt to.”

The Powder Puff coaches spent many hours training the players in skills important to the game.

“(The coaches) taught us to put all of our effort into everything we do, to give 100 percent, be a leader on (and off) the field and believe in each other,” Rocheleau said.

Even to returning players, there were many challenges that had to be faced while competing in the Powder Puff game. “It was actually really difficult. I didn’t realize how hard football was to play and it was definitely a challenge memorizing the plays and where you are supposed to be at every moment. It’s actually really important,” Emily Hoffman, senior, said.

But it isn’t only the players who face challenges in Powder Puff. The coaches also have to overcome obstacles and manage their teams well in order to give them the best chance to win.

Danny McCoy, junior, coached the junior team and remembered the difficulties involved with coaching. “You want to make sure you teach the right stuff and not too much at one time,” McCoy said.

Luke Smith, junior, played on the varsity football team this year and was one of the junior Powder Puff coaches. “My brother coached for two years as a junior and senior and I saw how much fun he had, so I figured why not and have success and fun with the girls,” Smith said.  

McCoy and Smith have both enjoyed the experience of sharing their techniques with the girls. “(The best thing is) being out there … and taking the skills I’ve learned and teach (those) who have never played football before,” McCoy said.

Even though there are many difficulties in playing and coaching in Powder Puff, there are many rewarding moments in the experience. Hoffman competed in Powder Puff for the second year in a row and despite the concussion she received last year, she enjoyed the experience and decided to participate again.

“(The experience) was awesome, but it was more fun because I had a ton of my friends there, Hoffman said. “It was something fun that we got to do at the end of the year for all of the seniors.”

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