Mina Schwind makes masterpieces

High school is often a time to explore one’s interests, even if they are outside the classroom settings. Some students are lucky to find their passion in the classroom and carry it on for the rest of their lives. For Mina Schwind, senior, that passion is through creating art.

Schwind has been drawing for as long as she can remember. “My grandma was an art teacher, so I did it a lot because she did it a lot,” she said. However, she started to focus on her technique in middle school and freshman year. “I started to think that this is something that I enjoy doing and I want to do this for my future. So that’s when I tried to apply myself the best that I could.” That same dedication has carried on throughout the years, as Schwind continues to draw for at least two hours a day.

Even for Schwind, creating art is not always easy. In the past, Schwind has struggled with doubting herself in regards to her art. “I think the biggest challenge is just getting inside your own head and confidence… that’s something that I struggle with a lot, feeling like I’m not improving,” Schwind said. However, she thoroughly enjoys the process of creating an art piece and plans to continue for as long as possible.

Unlike most students, Schwind has taken every art class offered at NPHS. “I’ve taken art media, life drawing…right now I’m in IB art, and I’ve also taken AP Art History,” Schwind said. These classes have made Schwind aware of the different art styles used around the world, which she tries to incorporate into her own art. “I try to look at a lot of different artworks like Ancient Chinese or Islamic and a lot of contemporary artworks… I try to draw inspiration from everywhere,” Schwind said. Additionally, Schwind has gotten to form closer bonds with her teachers and classmates who are passionate about art. “It’s definitely a community. Everyone knows each other and everyone is very supportive of each other,” Schwind said.

Suha Hussain, senior, became friends with Schwind through shared art classes. Hussain has seen Schwind grow as an artist throughout the years. “I really like how she has a whole backstory for her theme, so I think she’s really strengthened her artworks over time,” Hussain said. Most of Schwind’s pieces center around themes such as female empowerment. “She has a sense of this bigger picture that she wants to accomplish through her art and I really liked that she has a vision for her artwork,” Hussain said.

Jennifer Lee, art teacher, has taught Schwind for the past four years. “She’s a very hardworking student and always very creative. She’s always pushing herself to do something outside of her comfort zone,” Lee said. Lee has seen Schwind improve her art skills, as her classes taught Schwind to experiment with different mediums and forms of composition.

Lee is aware of Schwind’s plans to pursue art as a career. “She’s already gotten a few freelance jobs… she went to UCLA for their summer program and then she’s talked about applying to schools to pursue art further,” Schwind said. Schwind is planning to attend CSUN in fall 2019.

As a young artist, Schwind has advice for any student who is interested in making art. “Just accept that from the get-go it’s going to be rough and it’s going to be challenging to look at, but if you enjoy the process and it makes you happy… just stick with it and everything will work out,” Schwind said.