Music Corner – Issue 7

Micky James’ “Live At The Met,” released on Feb. 26, is an exhilarating, electric collection of live songs performed at Philadelphia’s The Met. Demanding and utterly addicting, the live EP is full of gritty yet crisp vocals and glam-rock/pop inspired guitars. If you’ve been looking for an artist who hasn’t quite made their way into the public eye, but is destined to, Micky James is undoubtedly where it is at. 

Wallows returned with “Remote (Deluxe),” and it was just that: a new version of their EP  “Remote,” with a few new, exciting tunes to add to the mix. The original EP was an absolute treat: tons of experimentation and stunning lyrics, and these few new tracks are no different. Wallows is an unpredictable band when it comes to their sound, but there is one predictable element, and that’s that it will be amazing no matter what musical route they take.

February was a packed month for music, and one can only hope the rest of 2021 has similarly incredible music to offer.

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