NPHS students take on the Science Olympiad

On Saturday Feb. 26, the Science Olympiad competition took place at NPHS. It is a student competition between many schools all over the country. There are three main events: a building project, a testing section and some labs.

Skyler Lee, junior, is president of the Science Olympiad. “[Science Olympiad is] a national competition for just a bunch of science events from physics, forensic science, biology, chemistry, engineering, all these events work together in one competition,” Lee said.

Lee has gotten a grasp on what the Science Olympiad is really about. “Science Olympiad is just about showing your passion for science and competing with others,” Lee said. The competitions themselves vary.

The testing section is preparing knowledge and studying continuously until the day of the competition, which is different for each school. The building segment involves creating different things, depending on what event they’re participating in, without any technology, and putting it to test.

Makayla Hu, junior and first time Science Olympiad, went into depth about the events themselves. “So each team consists of 15 people, and then each event there’s two or three people working on each event…they tally up the score for all the events, and then whichever team has the highest score, they win the competition,” Hu said.

Lianne King, sophomore, is a two year Olympiad member. “I’ve found that it’s really helped my test taking skills and research skills.” King said. “I’ve also really broadened my world view and education.”

The events encourage teamwork in competitive environments and progress in science. “There’s events for everybody depending on what you like, so it’s very good to express your interest and find something that you really like to do,” Lee said.