Prepared to be enticed… by pumpkin spice!

It is quite obvious that Southern California has no seasons. The last time I saw hail was in 2007. Spring showers are nowhere to be found during an endless drought. But for many places across the US, the changing seasons are something to look forward to. For those places, the start of October represents the nascent stages of fall. For Californians, it is along the lines of, “Oh look, it is Fire Awareness Month already!” It is reasonable — the only orange hues we see on trees are when they go up in flames. But not to worry, fellow Californians, there is a way to infuse this season with typical autumnal vibes: all we have to do is make a trip to the grocery store.




Daria Azizad, Entertainment Editor

I’m a big fan of the Perfect Bar in general, so when they came out with the Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie flavor, I knew I had to get my hands on some. The Pumpkin Pie flavor is a mix of peanut buttery goodness with lighter pumpkin hints. However, I wish that the traditional spices associated with pumpkin pies– cinnamon, nutmeg– played a role in this bar. ( 4 for flavor, 4 for pumpkin taste)



Hailey Washington, Staff Writer

The pumpkin cereal bar from Trader Joe’s is an extension of the many pumpkin flavored foods sold this season. The cereal bar itself tastes pretty good, but it does not really taste like pumpkin. When you first take a bite you taste the sugar and the cinnamon, but it tastes more like an apple cinnamon cereal bar than a pumpkin flavor bar. It’s a great snack, but has less appeal since the only time you taste a little bit of pumpkin is 30 seconds after you are done eating it. (3 for flavor, 1 for pumpkin taste)



Manas Khatore, Staff Writer

Although it tastes much more like candy corn than pumpkin, the flavor of the popcorn is almost addictive. It is very filling, however: after eating a handful or two of kernels, I felt completely full. (4 for flavor, 1 for pumpkin taste)



Daria Azizad, Entertainment Editor

I had high hopes for this soup: I expected warm pumpkiny goodness and the aroma of spice. I was very disappointed with the reality. The soup had barely any flavor– it kind of tasted like diluted tomato sauce. (1 for flavor, 1 for pumpkin taste)



Clare Wang, Co-Editor in Chief

At first glance, these dark cookie sandwiches are just another box of Oreos. But that flash of orange prompts a double take, revealing their true Pumpkin Joe Joe nature. Their black and orange color scheme pair perfectly with the Halloween spirit while their sugary chocolate flavor are sure to please anyone’s taste buds. The crunch of the cracker coupled with the smooth frosting makes every bite satisfying. While the note of pumpkin is definitely present, it plays second fiddle to the sweet bass of the filling. (5 for flavor, 3 for pumpkin flavor)



Emily Nagamoto, Chief Photographer

Pumpkin soup is a commodity that many people do not even eat. However, when put in cracker form, something magical happens. In truth, the cracker does not really strong pumpkin flavor per say, but that can be overlooked with how delicious, savory and crunchy these crackers are. Covered in fall spices, these crunchy brown rice crackers are gluten free, kosher and taste good with everything from cheese to hummus. (5 for flavor, 2 for pumpkin taste)



Daria Azizad, Entertainment Editor

The Trader Joe’s Granola Bark is a granola bar coated in dark chocolate, with pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top. The chocolate was sweet, but not overpowering, and nicely accompanied the rough texture of the granola. However, the pumpkin element was severely lacking — the pumpkin seeds could barely be tasted amongst the other components. (2.5 for flavor, 1 for pumpkin taste)



Kavita Rai, Features Editor

The Trader Joe’s biscotti is the perfect fix for your holiday cravings. It can easily be paired with a warm pumpkin spiced latte or eaten dry for a crunchy delight. The spiced pumpkin flavor is very prevalent in the biscotti but does not overpower the biscott’s inherently distinct texture. Make sure to pick these up next time you’re at Trader Joes! ( 5 for flavor, 2.5 for pumpkin taste)



Nidhi Satyagal, Opinion Editor

The Trader Joe’s Petite Pumpkin Spice Cookies are just as cute as the packaging suggests. Half the fun of eating these cookies comes from the pretty pastel frosting and fall colored sprinkles. The cookies themselves are shortbread with pumpkin spices, covered in yogurt frosting. I was not impressed with the pumpkin factor of these cookies– they basically taste like fancy frosted animal cookies. They were tasty and nostalgic, but their autumnal vibes left something to be desired. (4 for flavor, 1 for pumpkin taste)