RUSH! is the newest example of Måneskin’s talent

On Jan. 20, Måneskin, an Italian rock band, released their third album, RUSH!, which features 14 tracks, three of which are in Italian, along with their previous single, “MAMMAMIA.”

I love rock music, and when I first discovered Måneskin, I noticed it held a different sound compared to most bands that I was familiar with. Perhaps it’s sheer talent, which is apparent in every band member, but I think one thing that seems to separate this band from other bands is how dynamic they are. Every album is something new, and within each album is a wide variety of songs and sounds that keep it interesting. It’s no different with RUSH!, it’s a great album. The lead singer, Domiano David, has an incredible voice which he seems to utilize more in this album then he has in past albums. Songs like “THE LONELIEST” and “TIMEZONE” have a wide range of vocals to show off how amazing his voice really is.

In my opinion, “THE LONELIEST” is the star of the album. It’s an epic story of the concept of feeling loss, and this is really the most emotional song. 

My favorite song, however, is “GOSSIP,” because as mentioned, I love rock music, and this seems to be the best upbeat rock song in the album, along with “BABY SAID.” These two songs seem to sum up exactly what kind of band Måneskin is, artistic and beautifully talented with an incredible sound.

Music is such a broad topic, but I love that more and more unorthodox bands are surfacing, which seems to be bringing more culture to our country. Måneskin blew up from their cover of “Beggin” on the popular social media app Tiktok, and continued to grow both in Italy, and everywhere else in the world. There is some criticism over the band’s lack of completely Italian songs, as they, for a while at least, seemed to be less popular in America, but they seem to be expanding past what they hope will be popular. Måneskin is really coming into their own, and this new album has been the most well correlated and most incredible album so far.