“Smile” makes viewers never smile again

With Halloween right around the corner, “Smile” has viewers second guessing what is real and what is in their head. This sinister horror film encompasses the cycle of an evil spirit that takes over the mind of anybody who watches their next kill.

The movie “Smile”, which was released in theaters on Sept. 30, stars Sosie Bacon, who plays a psychiatric specialist named Dr Rose Cotter. Cotter dedicates her life to helping mentally ill people as her mother suffered from similar illnesses when Cotter was growing up and now suffers from trauma. Although she has experiences with unusual patients, the last patient she took care of was experiencing extreme hallucinations and was in major distress. After trying to help the woman, the patient broke down and became manic, eventually committing suicide.

After this incident, Cotter became paranoid, saying she believed the girl and was starting to experience the same hallucinations. With only a week to live, if not less, she starts to find the pattern and tries to stop the cycle from continuing.

This movie is spine chilling, filled with jump scares and mind games that will be sure to make you second guess your own thoughts. In certain scenes that take place after incidents between the patient and Cotter, she finds herself having nightmares about her mother and the trauma she experienced as a child. Not only this, but she also starts seeing horribly realistic hallucinations of people creepily smiling at her, which makes her act out and make decisions she has no memory of.

This evil entity that has taken over her mind feeds off of her trauma and drives her insane. To make this movie even more fascinating, viewers get to uncover how Cotter’s psychiatric background plays into this part perfectly. What is so frightening about this realization is that nobody believes her and she cannot prove what is happening to her because it seems to only happen to her, and eventually we watch as the role flips and Cotter becomes just like the patients she helps on a day to day basis.
With a rating of 4 stars and 78 percent on rotten tomatoes, this R rated film is definitely worth the risk this October. Going to see this with a friend, partner, or family member will be the safest idea, because you might not make it on your own.