Starbucks sued for unethical sourcing

Starbucks is being sued by the U.S. Consumer Advocacy Group for allegedly promising ethically sourced beans and products despite their farms inappropriately ordaining labor and human rights abuse. Starbucks has dedicated the company as being known for “100% ethical sourcing” meanwhile allegedly hiding a document of child labor and sexual assault.
Starbucks has labeled the company as sustainable for working with partners who oversee business in a noble and honest way. The lawsuit claims that Starbucks has “unjustly benefited from branding itself as a leader in corporate responsibility.”
The coffee chain has a history of lawsuits throughout their time as a business. In 2022, a woman sued, claiming her hot chocolate was unfairly sourced. However, the company obtained a settlement. They were also recently sued for their refreshers being named after fruits which the drinks do not actually contain.
There was a complaint in 2022 from the Brazilian labor prosecutor against the Cooxupé cooperative, NCL allegedly stated that according to the claim from Brazil they were “analogous to slavery” and created unsafe working environments. The workers were allegedly withheld and there was allegedly trafficking of over 30 migrant workers. There have been claims that with this knowledge, Starbucks has continued their partnership with the supplier.
The vice president of Global Coffee, Social Impact and Sustainability, Michelle Burns, stated that she will fiercely be defending Starbucks against these allegations. The results of the lawsuit are still undetermined.