Student Vs Teacher: Mika Lopez Vs Brigid Ryan Keady

1.What is the largest organ in the body?

Lopez: Heart
A: The skin
I don’t have the heart to tell them the right answer…

I don’t have the heart to tell them the right answer…

2.Which college is most popular after graduation?

Lopez: BYU
Keady: Moorpark
A: Moorpark
The Moor the merrier!

3.What is the name of the college for people who are deaf/hard of hearing?

Lopez: Gallaudet University
Keady: Gallaudet University
A: Gallaudet University
I Gallau-bet they learned that in ASL

4.Who is the number 1 artist in the world?

Lopez: The Weeknd
Keady: Taylor Swift
A: Taylor Swift
Keady Swift-ly pulls ahead

5.Where does the dropping of the ball take place?

Lopez: New York
Keady: New York City
A: New York City
I NY-C the correct answer

6.What is the most fragile bone in the body?

Lopez: Tooth
Keady: Toe
A: Collarbone
How do you measure bones? In skele-tons

7.Where did the term “gaslighting” come from?

Lopez: I have no idea.
Keady: I don’t know.
A: The Britsh film, “Gaslight”
No it didn’t…

8.Where is the tallest mountain in the world?

Lopez: Alaska
Keady: Japan
A: Himalayas
They’re coming up short on this one

9.Which culture does the hamburger belong to?

Lopez: American
Keady: American
A: German
They’re not meat-ing expectations

10.What is the most popular baby boy name in the US 2023?

Lopez: Nathan
Keady: Josh
A: Noah
Neither seem to Noah the answer

Keady wins!