Stunt cheer jumps into a new season

As stunt cheer jumps into a new season, the excitement rises for the competitions ahead. With a limited number of people on the mat at a time, stunt cheer pushes athletes to compete for playing time and positions.

Madison Klien, senior, is one of the three captains of the team and has been doing stunt cheer since her sophomore year. Stunt cheer’s first game was March 14, they went head to head with Calabasas, securing a win with the score of 22-0. “Our win on Thursday was an amazing way to start our season. The team had absolutely amazing energy and we hope to carry that through the rest of the season,” Klein said.

Aside from the competition each game brings to the team, the differences between sideline and stunt cheer bring different aspects to the team’s dynamic.
Amelia Watson, sophomore, recently joined the stunt team after two successful sideline cheer seasons. Watson describes the main discrepancy between the performance aspects of these two sports. “Sideline cheer is more about dancing and performing, while stunt cheer is much more competitive,” Watson said.

Klein has been a base and tumbler on the team for all three of her years on the team. “The most challenging part is the physicality of it, getting your endurance up and learning the routines you need,” Klein said.

Chloe Trujillo, sophomore, is looking forward to her first year on the team with the hopes of growing as a person and as an athlete. Trujillo describes the motivation everyone on the team has to continue to improve and learn in this sport. “Stunt is very passion driven, everyone on the team wants to be there and wants to get better, grow and be in more positions on the mat,” Trujillo said.
With a small number of girls on the mat in each routine, Trujillo recognizes the importance of showing up to practice each day with a positive mindset ready for the competition to begin. “Stunt is very competitive as you are fighting for playing time in the games,” Trujillo said.

Watson describes the atmosphere in stunt as differing from sideline cheer in the sense of determination to achieve the high standards the team sets. “In stunt cheer you want to win and that’s the main goal,” Watson said.

Stunt cheer requires players to trust each other and hold each other accountable for the decisions made on and off the mat. “Especially the fliers, people are throwing you up in the air and catching you, so trust is a very important part of stunt cheer,” Klein said.

The stunt cheer team were undefeated league championships in 2023, and they hope to continue that streak this year with their new team. “This is such a talented group of individuals, and I can tell they want it as much as I do,” Trujillo said.

They hope to achieve these goals by focusing on the little details and perfecting each routine. “Our team mindset this season is that we are playing ourselves each game. We are focusing on the small details and attempting to make improvements each game,” Klein said.