Thousand Oaks Honors Borderline 12 and Survivors

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, members of the Thousand Oaks community gathered at the Healing Garden in Conejo Creek Park for the fifth anniversary of the tragic Borderline shooting. The memorial remembered and celebrated the 12 lives lost, the survivors and first responders.

The Healing Garden was dedicated on the one-year anniversary of the Borderline shooting as a tribute to the victims of the shooting. The program itself took place in the pavilion, but as part of the program, everyone in attendancAccompanied by musical performances, welcoming speeches were given by event organizers and Borderline families. Family and friends from around the community held a lighting of candles and reading of the names of those lost.

Ventura County Fire Captain, Chris Sharp, was one of the first responders to arrive at the scene of the shooting and was also present at the gathering to share his perspective and about how he and other first responders have spread awareness through their stories.

In the Reflection portion of the program, Reverend George Daisa of the St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church gave a powerful speech, inspiring everyone to continue overcoming adversities. “We stand together respecting the dignity of every human being, upholding a reverence for all lives for all people. We stand together and choose to transcend the brokenness of our room, precisely because we choose to persist every day, in every little way, in love,” Daisa said.

Following the conclusion of Daisa’s reflection, two Borderline families shared their stories of how they have processed grief and made a difference in the community through foundations, charities, and scholarships created in honor of their loved ones.

To conclude the gathering of the fifth anniversary of remembrance, everyone came together to build memorial lanterns, write letters and to visit the Healing Garden. While full of emotions, the event felt uplifting, hopeful and aimed to celebrate the lives of those affected and encourage everyone to continue persevering through any difficult times in life.