Wei family makes NPHS shine

James and Tom Wei have worked behind the scenes at NPHS for years, making their mark on the campus by ensuring that every student has the opportunity to receive an education on a spotless, healthy, and safe campus. Both son and father currently work on Newbury Park High’s janitorial team that makes sure the school operates and looks exactly like it should.

Both have served in the military before coming to work at NPHS. Tom Wei, father, is from Manila, Philippines, but had to flee China with his family in order to escape communist rule. He served as a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy and has worked at NPHS for six years.

James Wei, Tom’s son, completed three consecutive overseas deployments as a Staff Sergeant (SSGT) in Security Forces before moving to Newbury Park. He has now worked at NPHS for 12 years.

While working together they prefer to keep things professional and “interact only as co-workers during the day” James said.

Robert, a co-worker of the Wei’s believes that their working relationship is respectful and efficient. James has worked at the school for a longer duration of time.

“As far as I can tell, Tom respects that his son is his superior. It is a respectful, working relationship,” Robert said.

Kelly Welch, Assistant Principal of Athletics, believes that both James and Tom are very hard workers. “They’ve been here a long time, and they’re always willing to help out and do whatever’s needed around campus. They love being a part of Newbury Park High School, take pride in what the campus looks like and see it as a direct reflection of themselves and work very very hard to keep our campus as safe and clean as possible.”

According to James, working here at NPHS has given him a place of salvation. It has given him the opportunity to improve and realize that every opportunity is an opportunity to become stronger. This school is “the source of my quality of life and I appreciate every aspect of it,” James said.

James feels immense school pride.  “NPHS is the best school in the entire district hands down,” James said, “Best views of the mountains, some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. (The students here are) the coolest students who’ve been a pleasure to work with.”